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  1. Mark furr says:

    Are you planning on continuing this series or are you letting it sit for a while until you get more patron support?

    • Davi Escorsin says:

      Actually, I’ve disable my Patreon indefinetely. I’m now focused on having the website up and running as it should. As soon as it’s 100%, I’ll keep on working on Books and Dragons. Unfortunately I can’t work full time on Books and Dragons as it doesn’t actually make money right now, so things will go slowly, but I’ll keep working on it.

      • woohoo for not having to create an account says:

        (I’m the man that criticized your site earlier)
        I just want to say that you still make a really good fucking comic. You said earlier that you were so sorry for the site earlier, but you really shouldn’t be. You make a good comic, and whatever guy “managed” the site mangled it so your work can’t be viewed anymore. A shame, but really not your fault, so don’t be sorry.
        I hope you eventually continue it. The worldbuilding you did was good. The art you did was good. The way the comic continues is interesting. The characters all were interesting. The jokes were a nice break of the usual seriousness that would happen between, but not so much as to obstruct the storyline.

        I really hope you will continue it, and I really hope that you make an epic thing out of it. (Instead of all those other comics that just do a bit of worldbuilding and a bit of storyline and then they saved the world or explored already a large part of it and it really doesn’t become that interesting anymore)

        • Davi Escorsin says:

          I’m glad you like it so much. I love working on it, but unfortunately it doesn’t actually generate much income, so I’m having to work 2 jobs right now. Regardless, I’ll post an entire new chapter as soon as this new website is 100%, which shouldn’t take long now.

  2. anon says:

    the ‘new to books and dragons’ button has a typo, where it says ‘start righ here’.

  3. Mark furr says:

    Im glad to hear that because I was a loyal follower as soon as it came out and qas devastated when it went into hiatus

    • Davi Escorsin says:

      I don’t see anything wrong. Where is it?

      • NorNogaAdmin says:

        Sorry for the long reply time…

        • woohoo for not having to create an account says:

          That’s a problem with the characters available to your firefox.
          You see, unicode has A LOT of potential characters to use, hence why we now have emoji.
          The person who did this chose an uncommon character to use in those places, one which your browser does not have.
          Firefox is usually able to get a lot of them by hacky magic, but this time it cannot.
          Very small error, I rate 3/10 “glitch that does not affect functionality”

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